Reviews (USA)

Brian Tallerico – July 21, 2017

“ The Laplace’s Demon hits that soft spot for me critically that was cultivated by the «Twilight Zone» and «Ten Little Indians». It is a low-budget affair that gets a ton of mileage out of canted angles, creative lighting, and clever effects. ”

“ There’s nothing scarier than human behavior .”


Tara Brady (Ireland) October 25, 2017

“ …the monochrome math-horror you didn’t know you were waiting for. ”

Michael Klug (USA) October 17, 2017

The Laplace’s Demon is a (yet to be fully discovered) masterpiece in manipulation, style, nail-biting suspense and jaw-droppingly impressive story structure. Do. Not. Miss. It. ”

Fred Topel (USA) October 15, 2017

“ The Laplace’s Demon is based on the theory that human beings are so predictable, there is not actually free will. ”

“  Maybe the screenwriter can’t actually write anything but the plot of this movie. Between that and the VHS fetish, Laplace’s Demon is my jam. ”

“ It’s a real mind bender ”

The Laplace’s Demon was a nice surprise at Screamfest ”

Rebekah McKendry (USA) July 21, 2017

“ The movie looks and feels retro, blending in elements of film noir and channeling the horror films of Val Lewton. Somehow the movie also feels like a Victorian Gothic horror, turning the house and environment into terrifying characters. ”

“ The film does boast thrills and a Hitchcock-level of suspense. ”


Shelagh Rowan-Legg (CAN) July 25, 2017

“ With its use of old-school methods such as rear projection, practical effects, canter angles and low-key lighting to evoke its sense of dread, The Laplace’s Demon finds interesting and creepy ways to explore human actions. ”

“ This film becomes as much theatre as movie .”


Horrorpedia 27 July, 2017

“ Montreal-based Fantasia Film Festival described the film thus: “The Laplace’s Demon unfolds like an all-time great Twilight Zone episode directed by the three-headed offspring of Guy Maddin, Mario Bava, and Val Lewton.” 


Matthew David Surridge – September 5th, 2017

“ It’s a well-told suspense story about a group of characters trapped on an island […]. And it’s a philosophical drama about free will. Both aspects succeed. It’s one of the strongest pieces I saw at Fantasia this year. ”

“ Can they find a flaw in the math and save themselves? Is there room in the universe for free will? ”


Sean Beattie

” It’s clearly a labor of love, with The Laplace’s Demon, and it comes through in every choice. “

” This melding of periods onscreen lends an “out of time” quality to the film, and that quality works to its benefit. “


Goomba Stomp

Ricky D Fernandes – August 13, 2017

“The Laplace’s Demon toys with the idea of fate vs. free will – and it does so with impeccable style! Giordano Giulvi’s film is a unique movie indeed – a gorgeous, low-budget labor of love”

“Giulivi beautifully balances pastiche, homage, and genuine suspense, crafting a gorgeous thriller that blends classic gothic horror, film noir, and probabilistic science-fiction in unprecedented ways. It took seven and a half years to make but this hauntingly beautiful work, but it was well worth the wait.”


Giles Edwards – July 19, 2017

“Awkwardly titled, pleasantly unnerving. Giordano Giulvi’s The LaPlace’s Demon is a through-the-looking-glass take on the horror genre, replacing the fear of the supernatural with the terror at the hyper-rational.”


Rachel Bellwoar – August 19, 2017

“Like Houdini and his escape tricks, this is a film that understands how to lay its cards on the table and put the best brains on the job, trying to tear holes in the model’s authority.”


Eye for Film

“ There’s tension, throughout, between the grim yet reassuring fateful pathos of Greek tragedy (with classical imagery popping up at opportune moments) and the fractured, unpredictable world hinted at by the film’s Gothic trappings.”

“ The only thing it really lacks is Vincent Price .”


Manon F (France) September 14, 2017

“ Le scénario est incroyablement efficace, véritable énigme dont seul le film déteint la clef. Le mécanisme s’empare très bien du sujet du déterminisme et livre une machination  « mindfuck »  à souhait. ”


Jay Seaver – September 30, 2017

“ Giulivi and his team find a lot of atmosphere and potential in mostly skipping gore; not only is what’s just off-screen often more unnerving in general, but people vanishing mysteriously creates more mysteries to explore than mangled corpses. ”


Preston – Film Bizarro

“ It’s sell sheet came with claims of channeling Mario Bava and Val Lewton with the structure of a “Twilight Zone” episode. […] but Giulivi does try to do more by making something that has a sense of familiarity but still has a dose of originality too. ”

“ A fun mystery to let yourself become immersed in.
Does a fantastic job of capturing the look and feeling of old thrillers. ”


Cristophe – Zickma (France) September 14, 2017

“ L’expérience macabre avec la maquette de la Villa et les pièces du jeu d’échec est assez prenante et réussie à créer l’angoisse grâce au mystère imposé. ”


Nightmarish Conjurings – July 21, 2017

“ While the atmosphere is reminiscent of the classic noir features, the characters still us modern day technology; which further obscures the time period. This proves to be a masterful touch that gives the events a feeling of heightened reality, while also creating a sense of uncertainty right from the very beginning.  ”


Jim Morazzini – August 21, 2017

“ Beautiful to look at and using enough familiar tropes to make the viewer feel comfortable before throwing them off with some clever twists, THE LAPLACE’S DEMON is as much a mystery as a horror film and observant viewers may figure it out before the end, but it’s still fascinating watching the characters try to solve the mystery and survive. 


Gavin Schmitt – July 21, 2017

“ […] this is a great film and one that will make the brain wrinkle a little bit more than usual.

“ It would fit in well alongside some of Rod Serling’s finest scripts. But another fair comparison is to the work of Guy Maddin. Somehow we find ourselves in a rather timeless world, much like Maddin’s throwbacks to Eisenstein. ”


Eric Ryan – July 25, 2017

“ Though set in present day, Giulivi does a masterful job of recreating the look and feel of a 1930’s horror films. The film’s black and white cinematography, tight upward angles along with its grainy film stock appearance all contribute to a feel of early Hitchcock. 

“ The influence of German expressionism dominates the film. The intimate and claustrophobic style does a terrific job of creating a sense of grat unease as you watch these eight characters try to survive… ”


Betty Elms (France) September 21, 2017

“ Film fantastique au budget dérisoire, mais au scénario génial met en scène

“ Le Démon de Laplace est un film hors du temps, une déclaration d’amour au fantastique en noir et blanc. Le charme agit et on se retrouve plongé dans un univers nous rappelant la quatrième dimension. ”

“ Un jeu mathématique machiavélique, nous emmène dans un huis clos prenant et se tenant parfaitement de bout en bout, avec en bonus le charme italien de ses acteurs. ”


Joseph Perry – August 9, 2017

“ This gorgeous, low-budget labor of love was seven-and-a-half years in the making, and well worth the wait.

“ The screenplay takes a philosophical, logical, and mathematical approach that is wholly accessible. Fans of thought-provoking speculative science fiction and those who prefer their thrills to be simpler will all find plenty to enjoy in The LaPlace’s Demon, as the characters try to battle fate with free will. ”

“ […] one of the year’s most unique cinematic offerings. ”

“ …the group members have nowhere to run, but plenty of reason to do so… ”


MovieCritic NextDoor – July 24, 2017

“ …a surprising amount of suspense can be derived from the clockwork performing its steady, impersonal duties.

“ Under the monster-movie facade, it’s an intelligent film ”

“ […] it skilfully plays with the viewers’ minds. ”


Jean-Marc Limoges – July 31, 2017

“ Réflexif, ce petit bijou cinématographique l’est dans tous les sens. ”

“ Nous promettait plutôt un jeu… d’échecs, auquel on aura toutefois pris grand plaisir à être battu. ”


Never Think Impossible – July 22, 2017

“ This is less than a philosophical quandary and more of a detective story. There is a question that the movie asks whether everything is predetermined and free will is only but an illusion. ”

“ The movie is all suspense-oriented, don’t expect any blood dripping from the walls. ”


Le Petit Septième

Francois Grondin – July 20, 2017

“ The Laplace’s Demon ne se base pas sur des expédients banals comme des images brutales, des cris ou des effets spéciaux exagérés pour créer la peur, la tension. On se fie plutôt sur une histoire passionnante dans laquelle sont placés des éléments de tension (disparitions, bruits sourds, jeu des acteurs…). ”

“ The Laplace’s Demon est donc une grande réussite que je vous encourage à aller voir. ”


Ernie Trinidad – October 19, 2017

“ Nothing could have prepared me for the mind-bending, thought-provoking and engaging mystery which these filmmakers have created. THE LAPLACE’S DEMON is a well-crafted modern day thriller which recalls the great gothic black and white mysteries of the 60s and one particularly influential TV show, THE TWILIGHT ZONE. ”

“ It’s a compelling mystery with thought-provoking ideas which will likely result in many stimulating discussions well after the film has ended and may have you wanting to watch it again with awakened eyes. ”


Lelo Jimmy Batista (France) September 19, 2017

“ Exercice de style à la précision maniaque ”

“ C’est beau, rigoureux, drôle, impressionnant de maîtrise et réalisé en totale indépendance avec une équipe très restreinte. ”