Production Notes

“The Laplace’s Demon” is an independent film born in 2009, the year when we devised the subject and we began to write the script. We wanted to make a piece that exceed those limits permitted by a low budget. In particular we wished to create a suggestive setting, remembering some classic movies of the past century and their most typical situations, such as the boat trip, the desert island, the mansion overlooking the sea.

We had a set limited to a room in a basement of a common house and so it was an almost prohibitive challenge. We needed a device in order to create virtual scenery without giving a too much contemporary look to the photography. We excluded the possibility of the too much used blue screen and we decided to use a technique no longer used and maybe less amazing, but very

suitable for a movie inspired by classic cinema: the rear projected backdrop, used by filmmakers of the past to show moving scenes behind actors, for example during a road trip or for an exterior shot in a studio.

We were deep into this technique not only for the exteriors, but also for almost all of the interiors, using real and especially virtual scenery done with computer graphics as backdrops. The sailboat, the island, the mansion and so on: there’s no such thing of what appears in the movie, except a door, a chessboard and few other items with which the characters physically interact.

This way, rewarding in the result, though, extended so much the time to finish the movie: preparing hundreds of backdrops, looking for right perspectives, recreating precise proportions and making lights consistent, all things that complicated the implementation of every single shot, extending the preproduction and the shooting over the years.

Then there was an equally hard postproduction period in which every effort (in music, graphics, sound effects, editing, etc.) was made to make the final result uniform and to prevent that one of processing techniques arise on others. It has been an enormous work lasted seven and a half years, during which the movie had to be compatible with daily commitments of a job, a house, a family, occupying every spare moment and entailing great sacrifices in terms of time.
We were very pleased to be able to conclude a so wide project, whose end appeared impossible for many years.

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