The cast of the film is made up of people who, with great passion for acting, have shown seriousness, professionalism and reliability, engaging in the project for several years. Without their commitment, “The Laplace’s Demon” would remain only an unrealized project.


He is an engineer and a lover of visual arts, worked for a few years in a photographic studio and later created his own studio with two other collaborators. He participated in the design and construction of a ZEB building for the “Solar Decathlon 2015” competition in Irvine (California), deepening his studies in energy engineering.


She graduated in “Italianistica” at the university of Rome and she is currently engaged in a Ph.D. In 2011 she made an ironic video about improper use of some Italian language expressions. It quickly became viral on the Internet and, by that, she participated in a program on MTV Italy, focusing on right use of Italian language.


He works as a video editor for programs of the most important Italian television networks. Since 1990 he has partnered with his brother, Giordano Giulivi, in the production of short films and feature films. He participated in the writing and production of the 2007 “Apollo 54” movie, in which he starred as a protagonist. He is the compositor of the music for all his brother’s cinematic works. He lives with his wonderful family in Anguillara, from which he always separates himself ungwillingly.


He works as a video editor for programs of the most important Italian television networks. He has made several shorts as a director, in addition he has made music videos and promotional videos. He has directed many radio programs and editing several shorts on an international scale.


He daily works as a computer programmer. He has experiences as a comic book writer and film writer, actor, designer and public relations officer. He met the Giulivi brothers in 1992 and immediately took part in their amateur productions. This collaboration continues today. In 2007 he was the protagonist and producer of the “Apollo 54” feature film.


He is a musician and composer since 1996, he has made records and has performed in various formations and alone. Sing and play the acoustic guitar as the main instrument and the piano. He was voice actor and singer for cartoons on “Sky Cartoon Network” and actor and master of soloists in the company “Musici e Comici”.


He studied at the “Actor Studio” in Rome and he followed up on vocal and movement techniques for many years. He has worked as a theater, television, fiction and short film actor. He has taught acting at the “Play House” in Rome and currently at the “Teatro Kairos” also in Rome.


He has always been interested in information technology and software development. He has experience as a computer developer, computer analyst, IT architect, team leader and project manager. He has obtained various international certifications both as a technique and as Project Management.